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Welcome to 90-Day Guides™. Our goal is to help you achieve YOUR goal.

Every year over 100 million people in the U.S. set New Year’s resolutions and personal goals. Some of the most popular goals are: lose weight; create better relationships; start a new hobby; improve finances; stop smoking; travel; and going green.

Unfortunately, after only 6 months, less than half of the people are keeping their resolution or achieving their goals.

The good news? There is a scientifically valid process to set, track and achieve YOUR goals, and we have made that available to you here, free of charge.

90-Day Guitar Guide

We launched the 90-Day Guitar Guide™ as our first online 90-Day Guide, with many more topics coming soon. We provide you with a weekly lesson plan, including video instructions and illustrations of proper techniques. Each lesson will build on the previous week’s work. It will be a rewarding experience and a lot of fun!

Why 90 days? Why not 30 days... or a year?

Research has shown that in just 90 days you can move from THINKING about a goal, through PREPARATION, and into a step-by-step ACTION PLAN to create a new habit.

90-days is enough time to move through this process, without being such a long commitment that it becomes overwhelming.


Each 90-Day Guide topic has an expert in the field to provide you with a fun and effective learning experience. We are also fortunate to have the leading expert on New Year’s Resolutions and self-change as part of our advisory board to establish the overall principles of setting, tracking, and achieving your goals.

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Tip Of The Day

Patience is required to succeed at playing guitar. Even if you have patience, it will be tested! If you don’t have patience, you can develop it in a positive fashion. It is important to believe that you CAN do it, and we’re happy to guide you along the way to success.

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