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12 Lessons 12 Weeks

Every week a new lesson will be made available to you. Each lesson covers additional fundamentals, songs and playing strategies to keep your skills progressing while having fun.

Week One
  • C-Major Scale
  • Your first four chords:
    D, Cadd9, G, Em7
  • Playing your first song!
  • Weekly Play List
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Preparing to Play Guitar

How To Select a Guitar Teacher

To play guitar, you only need a guitar, a pick, a chair… and the right mindset! This article will provide you with the proper fundamentals in preparing to play… both the physical positioning AND the mindset needed for success. Continue Reading

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Expert Bio

Jerry McCann

Mr.McCann has been a professional musician for over 45 years, having performed in concert with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Jerry Garcia, The Moody Blues, Steve Miller, Credence Clearwater, Paul Butterfield, Santana, Chicago, and many other industry giants. Mr. McCann had sign with the Electra record label and has recorded five albums. Additionally, Mr. McCann has been a professional music teacher since 1991 (guitar, bass, flute, harmonica, drums, and voice). Jerry has taken pleasure in the opportunity to help his students achieve their artistic dreams and in so doing has further honed his own musical style and song writing skills. In association with 90-Day Guides, Jerry is looking forward to being able to influence many more aspiring musicians than he could possibly reach in person. Continue Reading

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Tip Of The Day

Chlorinated water in pools and hot tubs - even the hot water from washing dishes - can soften and eat away at your calluses as they are starting to form. Try minimizing or avoiding these in the early weeks if possible so your calluses can form quickly. Once formed, calluses will tend to peel off, but will take less and less time to re-form.

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